pi network value USD

According to the rumor’s and posts in social medias and Private Group Chats, The Pi Network Value USD is $100, $200 $314 and $1000,

which is very surprising and fascinating. Few Groups and Pages created a vote for Consensus and the majority of pioneers chose $1000. Interesting huh?

Even some Pi Ecosystem apps declared the pi network value to 314 USD. Actually it’s ok to predict pi network price and create a consensus based on their site’s traffics. This prices were declared to their fb groups, private group chats in WhatsApp, telegrams and websites so that they won’t loose their traffics. The Facebook  pages  and Facebook groups are also a mess in terms of Pi network Coin price.

So, Is it true Pi Network Value is $1000?

Yes, it is true.

True, to those who are looking a get quick rich scheme. They intend to get high rates without investing or contributing to the pi ecosystem. They want it so quick that they even can’t wait for KYC. Everyone is panicked because Pi network didn’t follow the roadmap.

Anyway, this has nothing to do with us. Everyone has the right to think, predict and talk. Every pioneers have the right to predict the pi network price. So, it’s ok to imagine a luxury house, A super car and a Blonde Chick.

Guys, this is just a piece of article for fun. this article is not responsible for those people who felt those above words. No specific Names and targets are included. No hard feelings 🙂 I hope you had fun reading it.

If you think, those above words are wrong, Then prove me wrong by supporting all the Pi Network Apps ASAP !! Start visiting those pi app sites, Register yourself and use the products and services that are provided by the apps. Try to Buy from them, do a test whether the wallets are functioning well or not. Try to learn and get ready to go for Main Launch of Pi network.

Go to Pi Block Explorer, Copy the Site’s Public Key and Find out the transactions happening in and outside the pi ecosystems. This way you will be able to find the good and trusted Pi Apps.

This is the right time to judge all the apps published in the pi browser. Find your favorite and trustworthy app. this will be helpful, once the mainet goes live. you don’t have to learn after the mainet goes live. Better to learn now and test your wallet.  Teach your downline how to use the pi ecosystem.

Don’t just recruit downline, also teach them everything that you know. There are many pioneers who haven’t created their wallet until now. As a Pi Ambassador, You are responsible for your downline. Remember, if your downline is not verified or KYCed, then you also don’t get the bonus Pi. So make sure, You assist them with knowledge and guide them properly.

This much for today. Don’t forget to share this article. Encourage pioneers to use the Pi Ecosystem Apps.

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