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If you have missed the Pi Network Update on Ask Me Anything, Listen to AMA between Nicolas and the Moderator that took place on January 2022, You can read Below, All the Dialogues are captured in Text.

We know not everyone is good in listening. So we have decided to write it down. Feel Free to Share this to all the Pioneers. You can Also Translate and Post it wherever you want. Sharing is caring. Let’s build Pi Ecosystem Together.

Let’s Begin the Real Conversation Between Nicolas and the Moderators.

Moderator : Is there any information in the app about how much Pi left can still be mined?

Nicolas : Yes, there will be that information later in the application.

Moderator : Is there a lockup timer?

Nicolas : Yes, you will be able to see how much time the remaining lockup is running.

Moderator : Will Pi balance be transferred automatically to mainet?

Nicolas : No, you (if you want) set up lockup first, determine both how much is locked up and how many coins will be transferred to the wallet, if it has been set, then you have to press the “button” for the second transfer process (to the wallet and lockup) and if the “button” has been pressed, it cannot be canceled.

Moderator : Is there a notification when the transfer process to the wallet is successful?

Nicolas : Yes, you will receive a notification of your Pi’s balance when it’s signed in.

Moderator : Is 1 account 1 wallet?

Nicolas : Right now yes, maybe in the future there could be several wallets because the system will be changed by means of 1 Private Key having several wallets.

Moderator : How much Pi should be paid for the validator?

Nicolas : 1 Pi (depending on how many people are validators and accumulated to 1 Pi), paid when the pioneer (deducted) has passed KYC.

Moderator : When is KYC checked by validator ?

Nicolas : The first KYC will be checked by the AI ​​system, if the AI ​​system fails it will be checked by humans, every incoming data will be cross-validated by all validators selected by the Core Team (Moderator) to check all required data, each validator (which validation results are high) will be invited to validate every incoming data. This validator will get a HIGH RATE RELIABLE STATUS VALIDATOR mode state. Megamod is the one getting HIGH STATUS RELIABLE VALIDATOR mode (currently).

Moderator : How about KYC for underage people, can they do KYC?

Nicolas : Core Team will design KYC for minors with the approval/accompaniment of their parents.

Moderator : When will reward nodes be distributed?

Nicolas : As soon as possible, but the Core Team is focused on moving the balance to the wallet (mainet) and later the rewards will be distributed.

Moderator : When can we shop with the Pi ?

Nicolas : Currently (mainet closed) Core Team is trying to quickly transfer/transfer the balance to the wallet so that the pioneers can later start their activities with their Pi balance.

Moderator : Is there a marketplace reference list from Core Team?

Nicolas : Core Team supports all marketplaces dedicated to the continuity of the Pi ecosystem, if they violate the terms (fraud) they will be removed from the Pi Browser.

Moderator : How many nodes are currently active?

Nicolas : Currently more than 70,000 thousand potential nodes are active every day.

Moderator : Is 1 node 1 Ip ?

Nicolas : Yes, for now 1 IP is 1 node, in the future (open mainet 1 IP can be many nodes) and will automatically be accepted as a Noder who wants to participate.

I hope you understand by reading this blog. We will be updating all about pi network regularly. You can subscribe us, we will notify you new updates and news through email.

Stay positive, Stay Healthy and Don’t forget to Mine.

New users can download Pi Network Apps from Google Playstore or Itunes directly.



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