Selling pi coins

  • August 24, 2022 1:29 am
  • Pakistan
$ 0.50(Fixed)


  • Delivery TIme : 12 Hours
  • Stock : 1000
  • No Of Coins : 1000
  • Buying & Selling Options : Online Transactions


95% of buyers who are offering buying rate 51$ 30$ even 10$ all are scammers, today I had terrible experience and immediately I report that scammer to burn all of his coins in his account ,I hope so PI network take appropriate action against that scammer, I accept payment in Local Bank transfer, Skrill and Binance usdt, and I will never send coins before receiving payment so I only welcome legit buyers even if they start buniness with me with just 10 tokens for minimizing risk of fraud scammer stay away from me
Contact telegram @yasir2685

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