Frequently Asked Questions

Donot Buy And Sell Your Pi Coins Until You Have Finished Reading the FAQs  Below. Everything is Explained Below. If you don’t Find the answer, Please Email Us HERE.

Remember : 

We don’t Recommend Pioneers to Sell More Than 10 Pi Coins. Save it For your Future. 

We are Testing Market to Find out the Real Value of Coin.


Pi Trade Center is Peer To Peer Exchange Site For Pioneers to Buy and Sell their Pi Network Coin Globally.

Yes, This is a Pi Ecosystem APP and one of the Brainstorm Projects. This app was in the Pi HACKATHON.

We are helping Pioneers to Find a Solution and Trying to Build the Value of Pi Network Coin. If we Don’t Sell and Buy, How do we know the Real Value of Pi network Coin.

Yes, Our Site is accessible in Pi Browser and all other browsers. 

we think so, because this site is Legal according to the Pi Network’s Vision and Mission. We need an Ecosystem to Build the Value of Pi. 

According to the latest Updates on AMA, Nicloas clearly said that CT will support all the pi apps. Every developer has the right to create and Contribute to the ecosystem. As long as it is beneficial for the pi community.

No, Not At All. 

We don’t ask Pi Wallet PASSPHRASE, Pi Username and Sensitive datas. We also don’t promise any AIRDROPS, Quick Rich Schemes and Other Stuffs. We are also not a business model app and we don’t allow transactions in our site. So, there’s nothing such as SCAM in our site.

We are here to Build the Value of Pi Network Currency. If you still think, this site is a SCAM, please ignore our site for your safety purpose.

First of all, you need understand the term “SCAM”

if you think this is scam, then you have the right to Report to the CT.

There is no reason to block our site in Pi browser. Pi CT knows what’s right and what’s wrong.

Secondly, There are many other browsers to access this site. 

I don’t think CT will. This site has nothing to Do with SCAMS and FRAUDS. 

Our site is not a Pi Business Model App, We are not Connected to PI SDK Wallet and all the transactions are happening outside the Site. 

If peer to peer is blocked, Then all the Ecosystem will Collapse. 

How will You Buy a Product if your wallet is Blocked from Transferring Pi Coins?

Yes, That’s true. If you try to SCAM pioneers, pioneers can report to the PI CT, and then your wallet will be burnt for cheating people.

Pi CT will never burn your wallet if you transfer your Pi Coins as peer to peer. Your Wallet is meant to Transfer and Receive Pi Coins. If you can’t transfer and Receive, Then how will you use this wallet to buy products and services.

Note – if you want your pi wallet to be safe, Do not Cheat Pioneers.

You can report SCAM here. (Will connect you to the Pi Network Support)

If you don’t want to buy Products from pi ecosystem, then lock your Pi Coins for 3 years. That’s the best option I can give it you.
There are several options. first, we recommend you to use the Pi Ecosystem Apps where you can buy and sell products and services. Secondly You can List your pi in our site or sell it outside the Pi Ecosystem. If you don’t buy and sell, then lock it for 3 years.

I don’t think so. You can directly transfer Pi Coins to your Friends Pi wallet in exchange of Fiat Currency. this is similar to buying products from market place. the difference is marketplace will provide you products and services whereas Peer to Peer transfer will provide you Fiat Currency.

We don’t have other options to convert our Pi coins to Fiat Currency unless we buy a product form marketplace and then sell it outside the marketplace to get a fiat currency.

The Value of Pi Network Coin is unknown So Far. The pi network coin price depends on you.

Pi Network Coin is your Asset, So You are The Boss. You can decide your own Pi Network coin Price. 

FYI, We have no right to Create any Pi Consensus Value. All the Pi network Coin price depends on you all pioneers.

CT never announced ICO. So there is no specific Value Of Pi Network Coin. Everyone has the right to create their Own Pi Network Coin Value. 

FAQ Buyers

Browse all the Picoins Listed in our Site. Pick up the Best Price. Chat with the Seller in our Platform. Make a Final Deal and Schedule a Meeting.

Yes, If you don’t Sign Up, You can’t Chat with The seller nor You can see his/her details.

No, It’s completely Free. There is no Hidden Costs in our Site.

Only The Email Address, Nothing Else. Without Email Address, You Can’t Sign Up. If you are worried about the Privacy, Then we recommend you to create a NEW Gmail so that you will feel comfortable.

YES & NO ! That Depends on you. That’s Why You Must Read the Safety Tips before you Buy From Our Sellers. 

About Login Id, YES!! But About Personal Documents and Address, We don’t Guarantee. 

This is a FREE Listing Site where anyone anywhere can become a seller easily. We are not acting as an Escrow and We don’t have a feature to BUY NOW. So, we don’t guarantee your transactions. You should always be cautious before you make any transactions. If you find a Fraud Seller, Please REPORT HERE.

We will terminate the seller from here and he/she will not be allowed to sell in our site forever. The IP Address will be Blocked as well.

First of all, Always be safe when you make a transaction. A mistake is a mistake, But there is a way to punish the seller. Click Here to Report the Fraud Pioneers to CT. His account and Wallet will be burnt. Pi Network Is Very Strict on FRAUDS AND SCAMS!

You can chat with the Sellers Directly or You can Write Us here.

FAQ Sellers

Just Signup To Our Site, Verify Email and Start Selling.

If you don’t sign up, Then You can’t Sell in our Site.

No !! There is no fees, No Subscriptions and No Memberships. Its FREE, FREE, FREE!

But, There is a small fee if you want to Use our FEATURED, TOP AND SPONSORED ads.

Only The Email Address, Nothing Else. Without Email Address, You Can’t Sign Up. If you are worried about the Privacy, Then we recommend you to create a NEW Gmail so that you will feel comfortable.

YES & NO ! That Depends on you. That’s Why You Must Read the Safety Tips before you Transfer Him/Her your Pi coin.

Read Safety Tips Here

The Value of Pi Coin is unknown So Far. 

Pi Coin is your Asset, So You are The Boss. You can decide your own Price. 

FYI, We have no right to Create any Pi Consensus Value. All the Pi Coin prices depends on you all pioneers.

CT never announced ICO. So there is no specific Value Of Pi. Everyone has the right to create their Own Pi Value. 

We recommend Less than 10 Pi coins. If possible just 1 or 2 only. We want to test the market and Trying to create the value.

Let's Test The Crypto Market Now

"We don't recommend Pioneers to sell more than 10 Pi Coins. Just Sell 1 or 2 Pi Coins to Test The Crypto Market. Everything is Peer To peer and it's FREE to List Your Pi Coin Here.

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NOTE : There is No Value Of Pi Coin Yet. You Are The Owner and You Will Set the Price by Yourself. You Have The Right To Sell at Any Price. Our Site Don’t Have Pi Consensus Value and We will Not Interfere in Pi Coin Price. 

Payment Scams

As a Seller, you should be extra careful while Transferring your pi coin to the buyer. Make Sure to check the Payment before you transfer your pi coin. Make sure to meet him/her personally or Get to know each other closely before you make any transcations.

Please remember:

  • Your Information is public, that means you might get calls, emails, or SMS from Buyers or Sellers.
  • If you receive a SMS requesting you to send money or Transfer Pi Coins, DO NOT proceed.
  • If buyer insists you to Share Your Passphrase, Pi Username, Stop interacting with the buyer
  • Do not EVER enter your Pi wallet Information.                  
  1. Do not Share PASSPHRASE: If you receive any request to Share Pi Wallet Passphrase or Username, it is a scam. Receiving Pi Coin Transfers requires no PASSPHRASE. A public wallet Key is the answer.
  1. Pi Payment SMS: If you receive a message stating Pi Coin will be deducted or debited from Pi Wallet, BEWARE! There is no such thing as in decentralization world. Every Transactions fee can be monitored in Pi BLOCKCHAIN.
  1. Watch out for words like Transfer Pi, Send Pi, Pi Requested by, Pay with Pi, etc. They all indicate that Scammers are trying to hunt you.

Note: Kindly avoid use of unknown or unsafe modes for Pi Coin transaction(s) (such as Online trading where you need to use your PI APP USERNAME and PASSPHRASE) other than reliable PI APPS ECOSYSTEM. Your crucial monetary data & personal details can be at risk by using such apps or links.  

What are the indications that a buyer is a potential fraud?

There are several ways that you can find out the potential fraud. Your safety is just as much your responsibility as it is ours. It is your Duty to follow General Safety Guideline on Any Internet Platform or Outside the Internet i.e Physical World. Always be cautious and Aware of these safety guidelines in our sites and every sites you access.

So, Tips for you to Spot out a Fraud Buyer.

  • Asking for Advance Pi Transfer: The buyer demands you transfer the pi coin before they pay for it or provides fake payment proofs
  • Fake payment proofs: The buyer will ask for Transfer Pi Coin without verifying it & deceive by sending a fake payment receipt, emails or message etc.
  • Insist on non-cash methods: Typically, the buyer insists on using a cheque. Note cheques could get bounced and banks bear no responsibility
  • Seeking personal information: The Buyer asks for personal information like your ID, Pi User Name, your email address, your PI WALLET PASSPHRASE

Note: If you suspect a buyer to be fraud, please open their profile write the username and send us the Email here

Donot respond his chat, simply BLOCK!

How to safely use Pi Trade Center and Protect yourself from FRAUD?

Do not mark your Listing Product as sold till payment is received from buyer.

  • Meeting face-to-face: Always insist on meeting with the buyer personally before you make any transcation. Use a safe or Open location to meet.
  • Chat Conversation: For a safer transaction, Try using Our in built chat option. Avoid Chatting in other channels like WhatsApp/Telegram/Messengers etc.
  • Avoid partial payments: Take the full payment decided mutually at the time of the Transferring your Pi Coin to the buyer.      
  • Payment Method: Watch out for fake currency & payment link scams. Banks will not honor fake currency/money order and will hold you responsible for it.
  • Buyer’s Personal Information: Verify the buyer’s details ALWAYS before you take the order request such as photo ID and proof of address. 
  • Realistic Listing description: Ensure your Listed item meets Your ITEM DESCRIPTION Proper and accurate to avoid misunderstanding with the buyer. 
  • Personal information: Don’t share any private details or financial information, You PI WALLET PASSPHRASE, PI USERNAME except the one necessary. We advise that sensitive information such as (IMEI no.) or (PCBA no.), should not be disclosed to any user.
  • Suspicious Chats: Be Careful with suspicious Chats. Be cautious of users using guile messages to trap you.

    They will try to persuade you to contact them outside Our Site Chat by sharing their phone numbers. If you ever find user sharing his phone number in different patterns, beware!  

    They will mention the phone number in unusual combination such as alpha-numeric, containing unnecessary decimals, special characters and space between numbers.